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Emma the MEDEVAC Pilot Book (Hardcover)

Emma the MEDEVAC Pilot Book (Hardcover)

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Emma the MEDEVAC Pilot is an early readers’ picture book that shows the love between a father and his daughter and however wide the physical distance, our imagination, memories and love always keep us close. Dad always picked Emma up and spun her around in a circle and they would laugh and laugh until one day, something different happened-she became his co-pilot in a foreign land!  

Saying goodbye to loved ones is never easy. This is a challenge many Service members face when separated from their children to support America’s call. This book is written for the author's daughters, son, service members and their children all over the world who deploy to fight for America’s way of life. This story is an incredible glimpse into the author's small part in America’s experiment with democracy while his daughter imagines she is flying side-by-side with him overseas.  This imaginative journey will be enjoyed with your own sons and daughters wherever you are in the world for years to come!

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